Air pollution affects the health of the elderly, do these measures will be safe

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The problem of air pollution is increasing rapidly in the whole world including India. Like food and water, fresh air is a fundamental need of every person. Air pollution has become the third largest cause of death in India due to not breathing healthy air. The air we breathe is contaminated with harmful pollutants from factories, power plants, burning coal, wood and vehicles. Actually, indoor air is 5 times more polluted than outdoor. Poor air quality is harmful to everyone, but Many serious diseases to the elderly due to air pollution Are happening Let us know how air pollution can be fatal for the health of the elderly.


Effect of air pollution on the elderly: Many body parts of the elderly function at a very slow rate due to increasing age. Due to this, their lungs are not able to filter fresh air. This is why breathing in polluted air causes many respiratory problems to the elderly. Other effects of air pollution on the elderly are described below.


Shortness of breath: The immune system of the elderly is much weaker than that of adults. Due to this, they catch diseases fast. Weak immune system has difficulty dealing with harmful pollutants present in the air. This causes the elderly to have severe asthma and trouble breathing.
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Eye discomfort: The elderly have to face many eye problems. Eye problems increase due to air pollution. Due to dust particles in the air, the eyesight of the elderly is blurred, which makes them difficult to see. Itchy eyes, sore throat and skin rashes are a common problem in the elderly due to air pollution.


Effect on heart: Air pollution also affects the heart of the elderly. As the age progresses, the heart activity of the elderly begins to slow down. Breathing in polluted air slows blood flow which increases the risk of heart attack in the elderly.
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How to protect the elderly from air pollution
– Indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Install air purifiers at home to protect the elderly from air pollution. It filters harmful pollutants which purify the air of the house.
– Do not smoke indoors. This affects the lungs of the elderly and causes respiratory problems.
To cleanse the air, plant plants like aloe vera, garden mum, spider plant, peace lily. This will provide fresh air to the elderly.

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Since air pollution affects the elderly most, all measures should be taken to keep them safe. Also they should be taken to the doctor immediately if they have health problems.

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