A woman released gas during trial, Johnny Depp’s reaction went viral, know how many times a day it is normal to release air

The dispute between Hollywood’s famous actor Johnny Depp and his wife and actress Amber Heard has become a topic of discussion all over the world. Its hearing is going on in the court. The trial of this case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is going on. Given the kind of revelations being made in the courtroom, not only is the social media confused as to which celebrity is right and who is wrong, but the internet is also full of memes and trolls. Recently there is a video, which has again caught the attention of the people. That is Depp’s reaction to a woman releasing gas in court.

Well basically the actor has not given any reaction. But passing air with a strong smell is a sign of your digestive system being healthy. Air is released due to gas formation inside the stomach, but while releasing the air, there is not always a sound and the odor does not spread. So let’s know what are the benefits of passing gas and how many times a day it is normal to pass gas.

Why releasing air with a fart or strong smell is beneficial for health

Although it is normal to release the air, but if this wind is passed with a loud sound, then some people feel embarrassed, while some people enjoy making fun of it. But let us tell you that this is normal and it is also a sign of your health.

Farts, also known as gas or flatulence, occur when digestion and respiration cause many gases to build up in the small intestine. Apart from this, when you eat, chew or swallow food, you also swallow air, which is made in your digestive system. While some of the air is absorbed, which comes out in the form of foot. Farting is healthy, as it releases gas from your body. If not, it can sometimes cause discomfort and pain.

how much air is normal to pass

On an average a person can pass gas 14 to 23 times in a day. You may pass more or less gas depending on what you eat and the kind of lifestyle you follow. Most people have an odor when they pass gas and some don’t. It is believed that it is quite normal to fart up to 25 times a day. If you pass more gas than necessary, it is called accessive farting. Symptoms like belching, bloating, abdominal pain and discomfort are seen in this.

When should I see a doctor

Passing excess gas is not a cause for concern. However, if you find that you are passing gas unusually or experiencing pain along with bloating and belching, you should consult a doctor. Tell your doctor about your symptoms and get tested immediately. So that he can know what is causing more gas to pass.

Benefits of passing gas

There are many benefits to passing gas apart from indicating a healthy bowel. It reduces abdominal pain and bloating, but also helps to identify whether your diet is healthy and balanced or not. Passing gas improves colon health. Apart from this, it indicates any kind of allergy and food intolerance. Its best advantage is that it acts as a warning sign for different health problems.

However, you should always be careful about where the gas should be released and where not. But sometimes the situation is not in our control, so neither you need to be afraid of gas nor be ashamed of it. If it has an odor, it means that you have enough good bacteria in your gut, which is a sign of your health.