Parents along with children also passed the exam, this story is very interesting

Parents along with children also passed the exam, this story is very interesting
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Ahmedabad/ Shantipur: It is said that there is no age limit to do or learn something. Something similar has been done by such parents who have passed the tenth and twelfth examination along with their sons. This news coming from two corners of the country has proved the age-old saying. In Bengal, a 38-year-old mother of three children, on the other hand, in Gujarat, a school peon’s father passed the exam along with the children. In both these cases, the reason for dropping out of studies due to poverty has come to the fore. After this, the will power of both the parents is being praised.

Mother Latika beat son Sourav

Latika, a resident of Nadia in Bengal, secured 40 marks more than her son Sourav in the higher secondary results declared on Wednesday. Showing her mother’s generosity, Latika said, ‘It would have been better if my son had got more marks than me. Mother Latika has scored 324 out of 500 as against Sourav’s 284. Due to chronic illness of her mother, Latika had to leave her studies after class 6. Latika has been married for 19 years and her husband works as a mason. Latika also has two daughters. After deciding to resume studies, Latika passed her secondary examination through the Open School module.

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How was Latika’s experience

Latika said that ‘my son’s exam (pre-board) results were not good. That’s why I had to sit and study with my son. Studying with me made him pay more attention. According to Latika, after finishing her work, she had no fixed time to study. She says I studied whenever I got a chance. Although it mostly happened at night. Latika was a student of Narsinghpur High School. While son Sourav was a student of another Kalna Maharaja School.

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Son’s school teachers gave extra class to father

The second story is from Ahmedabad, about 2,000 km from Kolkata. Where the son’s school teachers gave extra classes to father for studies. Virbhadrasinh Sisodia passed the tenth examination in the first attempt after hard work with the help of son Yuvraj Singh. Virbhadrasingh passed with 45% marks while his son scored 79%. Virbhadra left his studies in 1998 due to financial constraints. Forced to earn and support his family, Virbhadra wanted to study from the very beginning. But the responsibilities of job and home had prevented him from getting the chance till now.

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Virbhadra said about son Yuvraj

The proud father who passed the exam along with his son said, ‘My son Yuvraj Singh guided me through research even after facing a lot of difficulties. Studying with my son has been an experience I will cherish for life. However, the biggest achievement for Yuvraj Singh has been rekindling his father’s desire to clear Class 12″. Yuvraj Singh himself aspires to become a CA. Are.

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