Operation Jail lasted overnight in Gujarat, Mafia Atiq Ahmed’s tears came out on the search in Sabarmati!

Operation Jail lasted overnight in Gujarat, Mafia Atiq Ahmed’s tears came out on the search in Sabarmati!
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Ahmedabad: After the surprise visit of Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi to Sabarmati Jail in Gujarat, Operation Jail went on all night on Friday. Teams equipped with body-worn cameras (cameras mounted on uniform) carried out searches in all the jails of the state, including Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Jail. During this, prisoners and criminals were also searched. Teams equipped with body-worn cameras reached the barrack of UP mafia Atiq Ahmed in Sabarmati Jail. After this the entire barrack was searched. Atiq Ahmed was also searched in this special operation. In the operation, more than two dozen mobiles have been recovered from the jails of the state. Apart from this, other banned items have also been found.

top secret operation

According to the information received from reliable sources, Ateeq Ahmed, lodged in Sabarmati Jail, did not even expect such an operation. In a sudden search operation in the night, he was woken up and then searched. Sources tell that, during the search of the barrack, Atiq Ahmed’s tears came out. Similar was the condition of other criminals. No one could get a clue about the Operation Jail of the Minister of State for Home Affairs. Till the time instructions were given to the teams, all the officials were also assuming this. The exercise that the Minister of State for Home is getting done at the Control and Command Center. That’s for some traffic drive. Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi had made a surprise inspection of Sabarmati Jail a few days ago. Then he had noticed many such things. Which was contrary to the jail manual.

Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi watching the operation with the DGP in the control room.

Atik is in high security barrack
Mafia Atiq Ahmed has been kept in the high security barrack of Sabarmati Jail. In June 2019, on the orders of the Supreme Court, he was shifted from Uttar Pradesh to the High Security Jail in Ahmedabad. After the murder case of Umesh Pal in Prayagraj on February 12, Atiq Ahmed is again on the radar of the UP Police. Police has tightened its noose on Atiq Ahmed’s family in Uttar Pradesh. When Operation Jail started in other jails including Sabarmati Jail at night, the condition of big criminals became thin. In this entire operation, 1700 policemen were put on duty.
Atiq Ahmad: Days are spent in loneliness, what is the condition of mafia Atiq Ahmad in Sabarmati Jail
CM saw the operation
Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel saw Operation Jail for the first time in Gujarat on his dashboard. The home department in the state is with the CM. Harsh Sanghvi is responsible for its state charge. The officers of the police department were also surprised by the secrecy of Operation Jail. The Home Minister sent the message of the meeting to the DGP in the evening. After this, 100 policemen including CP and five DCPs of five big cities of the state were asked to be ready by connecting the control room with body worn cameras. After this the teams were instructed to sit in the vehicles. After nine o’clock in the night, they were instructed to conduct search operation in the jails. According to the information, other criminals including Mafia Atiq Ahmed, former IAS Pradeep Sharma, TMC leader Saket Gokhale were searched in the search operation. In the search operation, apart from mobiles, ganja, heroin, many other things have been recovered from the jails. It is believed that after Operation Jail, the jail authorities will now face the brunt. Gujarat has 7 District Jails, 11 Sub Jails and 1 Women’s Jail along with 2 Open Jails and 2 Special Jails.
Home Minister of Gujarat suddenly arrived in Mafia Atiq Ahmed jail, inspected with officials for three hours, know what happened

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