Open front again against Thakor, dissidents discussed in Khodaldham, which way Congress is going in Gujarat

Open front again against Thakor, dissidents discussed in Khodaldham, which way Congress is going in Gujarat
Ahmedabad: The difficulties of the Congress in Gujarat are not taking the name of abatement. Three months after the assembly elections, the controversy has once again started in the party. Two former MLAs of the party and one sitting MLA have opened the front demanding change in the party leadership. All these three MLAs are from Saurashtra. At a time when the assembly session is going on in the state and the party’s MLAs are besieging the government on issues ranging from Prasad dispute in Ambaji to farmers’ problems, then the rebel attitude of these former MLAs has increased the concern of the party. These former MLAs are demanding that there should be a change in the leadership of the party. They want to see someone else instead of Jagdish Thakor on the chair of the state president. So in the midst of all this, state president Jagdish Thackeray is making preparations for a padyatra in Ahmedabad in the next phase of the Hath Se Hath Jodo Yatra.

the leader is angry with the delay

These leaders are said to be angry with the delay in bringing radical changes in the state Congress organization. These include Congress leaders Lalit Vasoya, Lalit Kagathara and Kirit Patel. Former MLA Lalit Vasoya, Lalit Kagthara, Patan MLA Kirit Patel going together to Khodaldham is being seen linked to resentment. However, when the media questioned Lalit Vasoya, he said that we are not angry. Nor have we set out to rebel. We have come out to strengthen the party. Vasoya said that our demand is to maintain discipline and take a quick decision. We will communicate with the high command the next day and give a presentation in this regard.

Former and sitting Congress MLAs coming out of Khodaldham.

quick decision party
Patan MLA Dr. Patan MLA reached Khodaldham. Kirit Patel met senior citizens at Somnath and Khodaldham. Two former Congress MLAs Lalitbhai Vasoya and Lalitbhai Kargathara were also present in that program. On this occasion, Patan MLA Kirit Patel said that immediate action should be taken against those who worked against the party in the elections. Whatever is the discontent in the party. That is because the party does not take any decision. We are not angry with the party and will not leave the party in future. Our aim is to reach the voice of the youth workers of the party to the party.

who said what?

There is resentment in the Congress due to the party not taking a quick decision. No action is taken even after giving in writing. We want immediate action against those working against the party, so that the party can be strengthened before the Lok Sabha elections.
Kirit Patel, Congress MLA Patan

Some friends have become used to talking in the media. If anyone has any problem, then come forward. Some Congress friends talk through the media.
Jagdish Thakor, President Gujarat Congress

amba ji

State chief Jagdish Thakor distributing Mohanthal after visiting Maa Ambaji in Banaskantha.

If buried, there will be loss
If the Congress, which was reduced to 77 to 17 in the assembly elections, has to fight in the 2024 elections, then it is necessary that the present leaders of the party remain in the party. If the displeasure of the leaders of Saurashtra does not go away, then there is no doubt that the party may be at a loss. If Lalit Vasoya, MLA from Saurashtra’s Dhoraji, leaves the party or remains dissatisfied, then the party may have to suffer losses in entire Saurashtra. In such a situation, now it remains to be seen when the state organization will make changes on the report of the fact-finding committee and discipline in the party considering the demands of these former MLAs, because the party is now facing a double battle in Gujarat. The Bahubali BJP is in front, while the other Aam Aadmi Party is ready to become its alternative and cause more injury.

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