Modi’s name is ringing in the world, will PM’s elder brother Somabhai’s appeal bring such color? Thirteen crores will write only one ‘surname’

Modi’s name is ringing in the world, will PM’s elder brother Somabhai’s appeal bring such color? Thirteen crores will write only one ‘surname’
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Ahmedabad: PM Narendra Modi’s elder brother Somabhai Modi has appealed amidst the controversy arising after the Modi surname defamation case, it is necessary for the identity of the society that everyone should add Modi to their surname. Recently, at the national convention of Modi Samaj held at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Memorial in Ahmedabad, Somabhai Modi said that everyone is Modi but someone’s surname is Rathore and someone’s Kshatriya and Sahu. Somabhai Modi first said that everyone should write Modi, if there is any problem then write Modi in the bracket of your surname. Sobhabhai Modi also said that the society which does not worry about its identity disintegrates. He said that with folded hands I request all of you that everyone will do this. Somabhai Modi said that I hope you all will. Union Home Minister Amit Shah was also present on the stage when Somabhai Modi said these things.

Modi’s name stun around the world, PM’s elder brother Somabhai said add Modi to the surname

Modi name sting
Somabhai Modi said that Modi’s name was being resounded in the country as well as in the world. His reference was towards the unprecedented popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s elder brother has come at a time when the Gujarat High Court has to decide on the sentence awarded to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the Modi Sarenam defamation case in the next few days. During the hearing of this case, it was repeatedly said on behalf of the complainant Purnesh Modi that the Congress leader had insulted the entire Modi community with his statement. Purnesh Modi had claimed that the population of Modi community across the country is close to 13 crores. In this, people of many surnames including Rathore, Sahu, Modh, Ghanchi, Modi, and Kshatriya are included, while the existence of Medi Samaj was continuously rejected by the lawyers of Congress leader and it was said that Modi Samaj has no record. Is. This surname is also used by people of other castes and religions.

Amit Shah said on Modi surname case, congratulated Purnesh Modi in Ahmedabad, see

Sema Bhai is the head of the trust.
Somabhai Modi, who lives in Raisan, Ahmedabad, is the elder brother of the Prime Minister. He is the head of the entire Gujarat Modh Modi Samaj Trust. He formed this trust in 2015 with the aim of bringing together the Modi community. In 2018, a big program was organized in Surat. Now in the national conference, he has made this appeal to the people of Teli community spread across the country. Purnesh Modi is the executive chairman of this trust. Modi society is considered to be the worshiper of Modeshwari Mata. There is also a temple of Kul Devi of Modi Samaj in Mehsana district. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had gone to the temple of Modeshwari Mata before the Gujarat elections.
Amit Shah Visit: Insult to the Prime Minister is an insult to the whole country, Amit Shah said in the conference of Modi Samaj, Purnesh Modi

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