Kiranbhai Patel: He is an engineer, can never do wrong… what did the wife of ‘conman’ Kiranbhai Patel say

Kiranbhai Patel: He is an engineer, can never do wrong… what did the wife of ‘conman’ Kiranbhai Patel say
Ahmedabad: The reaction of the wife of Kiran Bhai Patel, who made a dent in the security of Jammu and Kashmir by calling himself a top PMO officer, has come. Kiran’s wife said that her husband was an engineer and had gone to Jammu and Kashmir in connection with development work. Expressing confidence in her husband, she said that he can never do anything wrong.

Kiranbhai Patel’s wife Malini Patel said, ‘My husband is an engineer and I am a doctor. They can’t do anything wrong. My husband had gone there for development work. There was no other purpose. He hasn’t done anything wrong. We have lawyers there who are looking into the matter. Only he can give more information.

What did Kiran’s lawyer say?

In the whole case, Kiran’s lawyer Rehan Gohar told that his client told that there was another person with him. The police recorded the statement before the magistrate and released the man. Kiran’s family told that once before this, when Kiran had gone to Kashmir, there was proper documentation from the government. Political conspiracy is visible in this.

Significantly, the Jammu and Kashmir Police arrested Kiran Patel. Kiran used to call himself an officer of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and was roaming in Kashmir with complete security. Kiran Bhai Patel, a resident of Gujarat, visited Kashmir thrice by claiming himself as Additional Director of PMO.

Roamed in Kashmir with Lav-Lashkar

Not only this, he also clicked photographs with the jawans there and posted them on his Twitter handle. He was arrested by the Kashmir Police on March 3, but the matter has now come to the fore. Officials said Patel was in police custody till Friday and has now been sent to jail for 14 days. This swindler was seen roaming in Kashmir with the entire army.

It also visited the last Army post in the sensitive area of ​​North Kashmir, Uri. Police said in a statement that the CID branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Police was informed about a person who had checked-in at Hotel Lalit Grand in Srinagar on March 2. After investigation it was identified as Kiran Bhai Patel. His answers were found suspicious in the interrogation of the police. Later he accepted his crime.

Three cases are already registered in Gujarat

Police informed on Friday that many cases are already registered against Kiranbhai Patel in Gujarat. Police said he has three cases registered against him in Ahmedabad and Baroda police stations since 2017 under various sections including cheating, forgery and breach of trust. His video of the alleged survey in the snowy valleys of Gulmarg is viral in which he is seen with the security personnel. His Lal Chowk photo is also viral.

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