In the de-addiction center of Patan, the youth was beaten with sticks till the last breath, the police caught seven

In the de-addiction center of Patan, the youth was beaten with sticks till the last breath, the police caught seven
Ahmedabad: An incident of vandalism has come to light in a de-addiction center in Patan district. The young man who came to the center to get rid of drug addiction was beaten up so much that the young man died. Police has arrested seven accused in this incident. The investigation of the CCTV of the addiction center has confirmed the brutal beating of the young man. During this, the young man kept pleading to leave, but the beating youths did not listen to him and kept beating him till the end. Due to this the young man died.

According to the police, Hardik Suthar, a resident of Motidau village in Mehsana district, was admitted to de-addiction 20 days ago. The youth was living in the de-addiction center located at Sardar Complex located at Siddhapur intersection in Patan district. Meanwhile, the staff members present at the center thrashed him for his drug addiction. He kept pleading to leave during this time but he did not show any leniency. Eventually, he died due to beating and injuries on private parts. On the complaint of the maternal uncle of the deceased 25-year-old Hardik, the police have registered a case of murder against seven including the director of the addiction center. The police have arrested seven accused, including Sandeep Patel, Jeetu Savaliya, Jainish, Gaurav, Mahesh Rathod, Jayesh Chowdhary and Nitin Chowdhary, director of the de-addiction center.

beating for an hour and a half
In the investigation of the police, the whole story of vandalism has been captured in CCTV. In CCTV, the young man is seen pleading to leave, but he is held by three to four staff. According to the police, the youth was brutally thrashed after being turned upside down. He kept pleading till his last breath, but after that his breathing stopped. According to the police, the youth was tortured for about one and a half hours and two to three staff took turns beating him with sticks. After the incident came to the fore, questions are also being raised on the modus operandi of the de-addiction center in the state, whether torture and beating are being done in the same way in other de-addiction centers.

family members misled
After the death of the young man, the staff of the de-addiction center misled the family members and instead of beating, said that the death of the young man was due to low blood pressure. In the complaint given by the police, the maternal uncle of the deceased Hardik has accused the young man of getting the last rites done by misleading him. Investigation of CCTV footage has also revealed that the private part of the deceased youth was stabbed with a stick.

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