Father left the daughter at the wrong examination center, police inspector took her to the right center, photo viral on social media

Father left the daughter at the wrong examination center, police inspector took her to the right center, photo viral on social media
Ahmedabad: Something similar happened in Kutch district on the first day of Gujarat Board exams. Whose discussion is now happening a lot on social media. On the first day of the exam, by mistake the father dropped his daughter at another exam center. The daughter went inside the examination center and kept searching for her roll number. A police inspector posted at the examination center caught sight of that girl. The inspector inquired and found out that the girl had come to the wrong exam center and her father had dropped her, so the inspector decided to help the student without any further delay.

20 km distance in 15 minutes
The inspector covered a distance of 20 kilometers there in the next 15 minutes and took the girl to her correct examination center. The police inspector used government vehicle and hooter with lights to bring the girl student to the examination center on time. In such a situation, one year of the girl student was saved. This police inspector has been identified as PI JV Dhola of Bhuj A Division. The police inspector is being praised a lot on social media for helping the girl student. After this matter went viral on social media, it reached the Minister of State for Home, Harsh Sanghvi, and he also praised by writing Hats Off on Twitter.

PI JV Dhola took the girl student to the examination center by making her sit in his car.

What was the whole matter?
Kutch is the largest district of Gujarat. Here the distance between each other centers and towns is much more than in other cities. In this way, 10th class student Nisha Jayantibhai Sawani, who lives in Gandhidham, had reached Bhuj to give Gujarati paper on the first day. Nisha’s father dropped her in a Matruchaya school in Bhuj but Nisha later came to know that the exam has to be given in R D Varsani High School. She has reached Matruchaya school. In such a situation, when Nisha got upset, PI JP Dhola came forward to help her and took her to the right examination center. PI also said all the best to the girl student for taking her to the right exam centre. With this, it became an unforgettable event for Nisha.

PI is being praised
Talking to the local media after the photo of this incident went viral, PI JV Dhola said that I am happy that I took my daughter to the examination center. Dhola said that this is not the first incident, whenever I get a chance to help people, I do it. He has done many service works in his life. After the photo of this incident was shared on social media, Dhola’s work is being appreciated a lot. Positive reactions of users are also coming on this photo on social media. He is praising JV Dhola wearing khaki uniform.

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