Father fought with leopard to save daughters, story of ‘brave heart dad’ surfaced in Dahod, Gujarat

Father fought with leopard to save daughters, story of ‘brave heart dad’ surfaced in Dahod, Gujarat
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Ahmedabad: People get scared just by the name of leopard but this did not happen in Dahod of Gujarat. When the leopard tried to make the innocent daughter of a laborer a victim, the brave father fought with the leopard and saved his daughter from death. The way the brave father saved his two daughters from the leopard and fought with the leopard. While the people of the village are praising the bravery of the father, the forest officials are also in awe.

Phulpur incident in Dahod
The incident took place in Phulpur village of Dahod district. The family of Ankit Damor living here lives in a kutcha house. The door of the house was left open at 3 am on Sunday morning due to defecation. Damor’s two daughters were sleeping in the house. When Damor returned home after the routine, he saw that the leopard had held his younger daughter Vansh in its jaws. Damor jumped towards the leopard to save the daughter. So the leopard left the daughter.

elder daughter suppressed
After leaving the younger daughter, the leopard grabbed Kavya, the elder daughter of five, who was sleeping nearby. The leopard started trying to run away with the daughter. So Damore followed him and clashed with the father leopard. After a brief scuffle, Damore threw a piece of cloth at the leopard. So he went today in panic and left the daughter before entering the bushes. Prashant Tomar, Assistant Forest Conservator of Deogarh Baria district, said that in such a situation, the father stood like a wall in front of the leopard with bare hands and bravely saved the lives of his daughters. In this incident, both the daughters of Uncle Damor have suffered severe head and face injuries. Hearing the screams, the people of the village also reached and took the daughters who were killed in the incident to the hospital where they were treated.

Daughters got new life
With his bravery, Uncle Damor not only saved the lives of both the daughters, but also gave them a new life. Uncle also got hurt in this incident. There is a lot of discussion about the bravery of Uncle in the village and surrounding areas, while the officials of the Forest Department, while praising the courage of Uncle, have called him Dad of Year. This is the fourth incident of leopard attack in Gujarat recently. Earlier in Amreli district, the leopard had made three children its prey.

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