Ambaji Prasad Row: Nitin Patel’s entry in Ambaji Prasad controversy, will he get Mohanthal again?

Ambaji Prasad Row: Nitin Patel’s entry in Ambaji Prasad controversy, will he get Mohanthal again?

Ahmedabad: The issue of demand for restarting Mohanthal Prasad in Ambaji is gaining momentum. So there the statement of former Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel has come to the fore in Mehsana. He has said that this matter is going on between the trust and the devotees. Nitin Patel has said that this matter is between the trust and the devotees. The government will bring a suitable solution. Patel’s statement has come at a time when government spokesperson and health minister Hrishikesh Patel has said that Ambaji will get Chikki, not Mohanthal. Patel has also coined a new definition for Prasad.

Prasad is a symbol of faith. It is not just a sweet to be enjoyed by the people depending on their taste. Mohanthal cannot be eaten during fasting. Mohanthal remains safe only for 8 to 10 days, while Chikki remains safe for three months. Due to this the temple administration has closed Mohanthal.
Hrishikesh Patel, Health Minister and Spokesperson of the Government of Gujarat

government will solve
Nitin Patel’s statement that the government will find a proper solution to this issue. This has also given hope to those BJP leaders who believe that the BJP is being harmed by this whole controversy. Even though Nitin Patel is no longer a part of the government, he is counted among the senior BJP leaders. Except Bhupendra Patel, all others have worked with BJP CMs. Devotees feel partial happiness from what Nitin Patel has said that if the government decides on this issue, it will be in favor of the devotees. Apart from various organizations, the Gujarat Congress has also demanded that Prasad be sold in Ambaji as Mohanthal. Congress leader Jagdish Thakor has also raised many questions by presenting his point in strong words. Along with the Congress, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is also against the government on this issue and has given an ultimatum to the government. The VHP has announced the distribution of Mohanthal in three thousand temples of the state on 13 March.

What is the whole controversy?
Ambaji Temple located in Banaskantha district is included in the 51 Shaktipeeths of the country. From former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Prime Minister Narendra Modi are among the devotees of Maa Ambe. Crores of people have reverence for Maa Ambe. Mohanthal is being given as Prasad in the temple for the last more than 50 years. The process of visiting both Mohanthal and Chikki Prasad had started some time ago. Now the collector of Banaskantha who is the head of the trust of this temple. They have decided to stop the sale of Mohanthal. Congress is aggressive about this. BJP first called it a religious issue and said that Congress should not make it a state issue, but a day later Gujarat government’s tone changed and government’s spokesperson Hrishikesh Patel justified the decision of the trust and also told the new definition of Prasad. Gave. The Congress alleges that the government is playing with the sentiments of the devotees. The old tradition should not stop. The Congress is getting the support of various organizations including Vishwa Hindu Parishad, political parties and pilgrims coming for darshan on this issue.

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