World Photography Day 2022: You can earn lakhs of rupees from the phone, you will be stunned to know this feature of the camera

New Delhi. If someone has a smartphone and does not do photography at all, then it is quite surprising to happen. In the 21st century, people in the world are doing photography in large quantities. If it is compared with the last century, then it will be wrong. According to phototutorial data, 1.2 trillion photos were taken worldwide in 2021.

It is likely that in 2022 this number will be 1.72 trillion and by 2025 the data will be 2 trillion. Interestingly, 92.5 percent of the photos were clicked from the smartphone. Of course, smartphones make us all photographers. This advanced technology has become helpful in improving our photography style. In today’s time phone cameras are coming with so many features that we just have to focus on the subject of the photo and press the button.

Today we are going to tell you about some such methods by using which you can earn a lot of money. Because if you upload a better video to YouTube or any social media, then it can also earn a lot.

World Photography Day is on 19th August and on this occasion, here we are telling you some such tips and tricks that will improve your smartphone photography style.

1. Know Your Smartphone Camera: The first step is to get to know your smartphone camera properly. Does it have manual settings? If the answer is yes, then explore them too. It is important to pay attention to features like focus and exposure. Click a picture using multiple settings and see the difference between them.

There are many phones these days that can shoot 8K video, while 4K or UHD has become very common. Higher resolution means more pixels in your video, so it also improves detail and sharpness. You should use a very fast micro SD card.

The best way to get to know your phone camera is to click a lot of photos. The more photos you take using multiple settings, the more you’ll learn to use the camera in multiple lights and conditions. Don’t limit yourself to one setting, explore it all.

2. Explore Natural Light: Click photos outside in natural light in the open. You will notice that the photos clicked outside have a lot of difference as compared to the photos taken inside and they look better. It is worth noting that light not only decides the brightness and exposure of the photo but also creates the tone and mood of the photo. And if possible, make sure that your subjects are exposed to more light from the front and not more light coming from their side.

3. Required Storage: Obviously, you would not want a situation where you are clicking a great photo and your smartphone tells you that there is no storage left in the phone. To click a new photo, you have to delete the old one. Our photos are our memories and we should be able to save them. There are many storage solutions available today.

4. Stable Shot: Even the smallest movement can spoil the photo, so it is important for your smartphone to be stable. You can support it with something stable like a wall, rock or branch etc. to support it. You can buy a small tripod specifically designed for smartphones that isn’t too expensive. It is more important for your shot to be stable in low light as the exposure time is longer.

5. Editing also necessary: There are many editing apps available today, many of them free or at least their basic features are free. But don’t limit yourself to just the edit option of the smartphone. Use these editing apps to add more elements to your photos like depth, tone, and mood.

Many apps also offer ‘one-touch’ fixes that can bring in your photos with almost no work. The most important thing is that to become a better photographer, keep clicking photos and always keep more storage arrangements so that you keep adding new memories without deleting photos.

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