With these methods, the damaged remote control of AC or TV will start working again

New Delhi. You have seen that the remote controls of the home appliances present in the house sometimes stop working, but due to this you may end up losing thousands of rupees because buying them again can prove to be a bit expensive. Even after getting a new battery inserted many times, it does not work, in such a situation there is no option left in front of you except to buy a new remote, but today we are telling you such ways, due to which you have been spoiled, these remote controls will be restored again. You can fix and use them, so let’s know which method and how it works.

Make sure to clean the battery port

Where the remote control battery is installed, sometimes so much dirt accumulates that when you put the battery, it does not work properly or does not adjust and due to this the power supply does not go to the remote Due to which the remote does not work properly and you are not able to control the appliances in your home. They must be cleaned in 1 to 2 weeks, so that they work well and you do not have any problem.

It is necessary to protect from moisture

Sometimes moisture causes carbon or rust to accumulate on the springs and metal plates in the battery court, due to which the battery power does not reach the remote and it does not work well or stops working at all. In such a situation, you should sand it and then clean it thoroughly with some tissue paper, which removes the carbon and rest completely and when you use it, this remote starts working well.

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