What is Find My Device, how does it work and what are its benefits? Know why it is necessary for every smartphone

What is Find My Device, how does it work and what are its benefits?  Know why it is necessary for every smartphone
  • Find My Device will come in handy when the phone is lost or stolen.
  • This is a Google App that can be installed on the phone.
  • Find my device helps to locate phone or secure data.

If it is said that your mobile phone is your biggest secret, then probably it will not be wrong. From personal files, photos, data and messages to banking and finance details are present in all phones. In such a situation, if the smartphone is lost or stolen, then the anxiety and fear reaches a different level. In such a difficult situation ‘Find My Device’ is the most useful service which is available in all Android phones. Further, the features and benefits of this ‘Find My Device’ have been explained.

What is Find My Device

Find My Device is a Google App designed for phones and smart devices. This app is available on Google Play Store which provides remote access to devices. This app especially works to know the location of the phone after it is lost or stolen, to lock the phone completely or to delete the data present in it.

Through Find My Device, SOS messages can be sent to your stolen or lost phone and customized notification messages can also be sent on the phone display which no one can remove without your permission. This Google app can be downloaded and installed on Android OS based mobile phones as well as tablets and smartwatches.

How to use Find My Device

To take advantage of Find My Device, it is necessary that you download this app from Google Play Store and install it on your smartphone. After the app is installed, you have to login to this app with your Gmail account. Along with account login, it is also important to keep in mind that you also give access to location, internet, call log etc. to the application.

How to use Find My Device

If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you will need to install the Find My Device app on another Android phone. One has to login to the app with the same Gmail account which was entered in the lost phone. As soon as you login, the details of your lost phone will appear. Here the name of the phone, its last location, battery percentage and connected network will be shown.

Advantages of Find My Device

1. Play Sound
2. Secure Device
3. Erase Device

How to use Find My Device

play sound

Find my device proves beneficial for users in three ways. The first option is most useful when you have forgotten to keep the phone somewhere at home or office and it is on silent mode. In this situation, if the phone is not found even after searching, then ‘play sound’ is beneficial.

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Your phone will start ringing as soon as you press the play sound option in the app. This will be a loud notification music that will play continuously. This sound will work even if the phone is on silent or vibrate mode, which will prove to be helpful in locating the phone.

secure device

This second option of Find My Device helps that no outsider can access any feature of your phone. Not only this, through this option, you can send such a message on the display of your lost phone, then it will continuously look like a wallpaper on the screen and no one will be able to remove it.


Along with the message, you can also put your phone number on that mobile display. The good thing here is that on the screen of the stolen phone, not your number but only a calling button will be visible, on pressing which the call will be made on the number you have messaged. In this option of Find My Device, as soon as the message is sent, that phone will also be locked and none of its features will work.

erase device

As the name suggests, this option will erase all the data on your stolen phone, that is, it will kill the format completely. This option is only beneficial in case you are not looking forward to getting your phone back. Because once you do Erase Device, all the phone data will be cleared, which will also include email ID and Find My Device data.

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After the app data is deleted, you will not even be able to track your phone. This option of Find My Device protects your data from misuse and removes all the information, photos, videos, contact list, messages and bank details etc. from your phone.

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