Vi customers now enjoy ‘weekend data rollover’ in unlimited prepaid packs

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Vodafone idea i.e Vi Has announced ‘Weekend Data Rollover’ benefit for its customers. Vi customers will be able to rollover their unused data in unlimited packs, which can be used on weekends. This rollover facility will be available from 19 October 2020 to 17 January 2021 under a promotional offer. This offer will be available exclusively on VIL prepaid unlimited calling and daily data quota packs of over 249.

Through the weekend data rollover feature, users will be able to carry the rest of the weekend’s data on weekends. Through Data Saver Benefit, users will be able to use the remaining data between Saturday and Sunday on Saturday and Sunday. Data Saver Benefit will be available free on all unlimited recharge plans (having daily data cap) above Rs 249.

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Vi weekend data rollover This is how facility will work
If you recharge the unlimited pack of Vi above Rs 249, your remaining data will be carried forward on weekends. This data will be automatically transferred over the weekend.

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Suppose if 3 GB of data is available every day in your unlimited prepaid plan. If you save 1 GB on Monday, 0.5 GB on Tuesday, 0.5 GB on Wednesday, 1.5 GB on Thursday and 1 GB on Friday, you have a total of 4.5 GB of data left, which you can use on weekends with your daily data quota.

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