Vacation from walking with DL in your pocket! Your invoice will not be deducted, just do this small work

Driving License is a very important document if you also drive a vehicle or in simple language say a vehicle or a bike-scooter but do you often forget your driving license at home too? Due to this habit of forgetting your license at home, you too have got your challan of thousands deducted during checking by traffic police many times? If yes, then now there is also a great option to remove this tension, which is named DigiLocker.

You can save a copy of your driving license in Digilocker, by doing this you can also save thousands of challans. But for this always keep one thing in mind that you have your phone with you. You must have heard the name of DigiLocker app, for the information of you people, let us tell you that this is an app that allows you to scan documents and keep them safe in DigiLocker.

Let us tell you that DigiLocker App is a government recognized app, in this app you can save the copy of your driving license (DL) and then after that, if you ever forget the physical copy at home, then you just need to check it. During this, you have to open this app in your smartphone and show your DL and that’s it, you will be able to save yourself from deducting your challan.

How to Add Driving License in DigiLocker
1) First of all, go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store in your phone, download and then open the app.
2) After opening the app, you will get an option of Diving License in the app, tap on it. Let us tell you that here you will get the facility to enter the DL of the Transport Department of different states.
3) For example, if you live in Delhi, then here you will find Delhi written under the Transport Department, tap on this option.
4) If you have not signed-in your account, then sign-in or if you do not have an account on Digilocker, then first click on the option of create account.
5) To sign-in, you have to enter Aadhaar Card number or your mobile number and you can also sign-in by entering your 6 digit PIN. After signing in, you can upload your documents and save them for display during checking in the app.