Up to ₹ 63,000 discount on Apple iPhone 12, avail this way

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California’s tech brand Apple has brought its iPhone 12 lineup globally, and includes four new iPhones. The price of iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is higher in India than the rest of the world. New devices are much more expensive and that is why Apple is giving buyers the option to exchange old devices. Apple will offer a discount of up to Rs 63,000 on the new iPhone 12 in exchange.

A list has been shared by the company, which describes how much discount buyers can get on the new iPhone 12 in exchange for old iPhones and Android smartphones. This trade-in offer will benefit from the selected official Apple Store. Due to Apple having full control over these stores, they can offer maximum discounts on the new device in exchange for old iPhones. You will know the exchange value of the old device by inputting details like serial number or IMEI number.

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Get iPhone Get Discount
Apple is offering the option to exchange from the old iPhone 11 Pro Max to the iPhone 5s. On trade-in, you will get a discount of Rs 63,000 to Rs 3000 for these devices. You can get a trade-in value of Rs 63,000 for iPhone 11 Pro Max, Rs 60,000 for 11 Pro, Rs 37,000 for iPhone 11 and Rs 24,000 for iPhone XR. A discount of Rs 5,000 can also be received in lieu of the old iPhone SE.

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Discounts on android smartphones too
The good thing is that Apple has not limited the trade-in option to iOS devices only and users can get big discounts in lieu of Android smartphones as well. Samsung and OnePlus can get trade-in values ​​ranging from Rs 11,000 to Rs 36,000 when exchanging smartphones. The highest value of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is Rs 36,230 and the lowest value can be found on Samsung Galaxy A70 at Rs 9,710. In lieu of OnePlus 7T, Apple can offer discounts of up to Rs 19,170.

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