Unknown user’s numbers will not be visible on Whatsapp, this big update will be seen as soon as the new update arrives

New Delhi. Whatsapp constantly works on new features. Now the company is working on another new feature. This feature has been in demand for a long time. Because this feature was very important in view of privacy and it was also being demanded for a long time. So let’s tell on which feature WhatsApp is working on. Also what are its benefits.

Whatsapp is now going to bring a feature in which you will not be able to see the phone numbers of other group members. So far, if a new member is added to the group, then he can see anyone’s number. But now it is being considered to change it. Now members will be given the option, in which they will be able to hide their phone numbers. That is, now the number groups of only those members will be visible who want to show their number.

Let us already tell you that Whatsapp is currently working on it, at the moment it can be released for all users in the next update. The company has also given information about this by tweeting. The tweet read, ‘What’s new in WhatsApp beta for Android WhatsApp is working on the option to hide the phone number. These phone numbers can be easily hidden from selected sub-groups.

After disabling Whatsapp Phone Number, it will be possible to do this. If you add to any group, you will not see any phone number. Phone numbers of only those users will be visible who have not activated this option. Phone numbers will not be visible once this option is activated. But this option will be only for group users. This option will not be applicable to any other user.

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