Twitter is no longer free! Elon Musk can charge these users, know what is his plan

New Delhi. We all know what some changes are happening in Twitter. Shortly before it was reported that Elon Musk may change the management of Twitter. After this, Elon Musk has given another big indication of how Twitter will be under him as he has expressed his desire to make Twitter like a paywall social media platform and revealed his plans for it. However, he clarified that Twitter will always be free for casual users. But commercial and government users will be charged for this.

However, the Twitter fee-base subscription idea is not new to the company. Twitter Blue is one such concept. It provides exclusive access to the company’s loyal users. Also, you can customize the app according to your own by paying a monthly subscription fee. Twitter Blue is made available in Android and iOS. Also this facility is available in the web as well. This service is currently being offered in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Twitter Blue provides many special features to its paying users. What Elon Musk has indicated is for commercial and government users. Musk wants to see what the atmosphere is like when he does this and how well this idea works. On the one hand, Musk is planning to end free Twitter. On the other hand, they want their users not to remain specific. They want to increase the area of ​​Twitter. “I want a bigger percentage of the country to use Twitter,” Musk told the annual Met Gala in New York. Musk said he wants Twitter to be “as widespread as possible.”