Truecaller’s new feature will tell why someone is making calls

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Many new features have been rolled out by Truecaller, an app that tells caller ID. This app tells users the work of contact numbers that are not saved in the smartphone. At the same time, now with the help of this app you will be able to find out why the person in front is calling you. That is, before receiving the call, you will know what the reason is and why someone is calling you. This feature is being rolled out globally for Android users.

Three new features – Call Region, Schedule SMS and SMS Translation have been rolled out on the app. First, with the help of the Call Reason feature, users will be able to set their reason before making a call, so that the call receiver can know what their call is about, personal, business or an agent. This is especially useful for those users who are getting calls from new numbers. With this feature the caller can also send a note, in which Reason for calling Will have written

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Will be able to schedule messages
With the help of the second Schedule SMS feature, users can schedule an event, meeting or message reminder for another reason. To use it, users have to set the date and time while sending the message and SMS will be sent at the time fixed. At the same time, the third SMS Translate feature will also be available to the users in the app and with the help of this, any message in foreign language will be able to directly see the translation users in the app itself.

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Feature to Android users
If the SMS received in the phone is in a foreign language, then it will be automatically detected and the new feature will show that the translation is available. This feature is powered by Google’s ML Kit, so all the messages will be locally processed and translated on the phone itself. The app will download the language packs on the phone before translation. New features from Truecaller have been rolled out for Android users only and can be seen in iOS scheduled for next year.

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