This small portable solar generator works as an inverter of 18 thousand, supplies electricity for hours

New Delhi. If there is a problem of power cut in your house and you have been troubled by it, then today we have brought Solar Power Generator for you. There are many features of this generator that make it different. Also, it also does the full work of inverter, so you don’t even have to worry. Its biggest feature is that its size is also very small. So let’s know about it-

You can easily buy SARRVAD Portable Solar Power Generator ST-500 (500W AC Output Peak Power 1000 Watt, Black & Silver) from Amazon. You get many features in this, but if you compare it with inverter, then its size is very small, then you can fit it anywhere. It doesn’t occupy much space either.

The company claims that it can supply electricity to every item in the house. It easily supplies electricity to all electrical appliances. Once fully charged, it can charge the iPhone 8 25 times. It can also supply power to things like phones, tablets, laptops, holiday lights, projectors, ACs and geysers. Apart from this, car fridge, display monitor, smartphones can be easily charged.

The company claims that if you order it and you don’t like it, you can replace it within 7 days. After returning it, you can also get a full refund and it is also given a 12-month warranty. Its customer service is provided 24 hours. Its price is up to 50 thousand rupees, but it is not being delivered yet. You can definitely order 150W Portable Power Generator. The cost of which is 19 thousand rupees.

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