This Nokia phone will get rid of the addiction of the smartphone, the price will be less than 2 thousand and the earphones will be available absolutely free

New Delhi. Nokia 110 Price & Specs: At one time, Nokia phones used to be very popular across the country. This was the time when the era of smartphones did not come. However, gradually Nokia went behind in the smartphone race. However, in today’s era, there are many people who are keeping distance from the smartphone because due to this people are facing smartphone addiction and are wasting their precious time in running the smartphone. For some such people, Nokia has once again brought its classic phone 110, which is equipped with many special features.

Features of Nokia 110: Many important features will be seen in Nokia 110. This phone not only has the facility of auto call recording and inbuilt rear camera, apart from this 1000 mAh battery has been given in this phone. The special thing is that 32 GB storage is also available in this phone and this storage can also be increased. Classic games like Snake and Snake will also be seen in this handset.

The design of this Nokia phone is more updated than its previous model and a music player will also be seen in this phone. The company claims that users can store 8 thousand songs in this phone. Apart from this, FM is also present in the phone. The special thing is that a free earphone is also available with this Nokia phone, which costs Rs 299. This phone can also be purchased from retail stores, e-commerce sites and official websites of Nokia.

Nokia 110 has been made available in three color variants in the Indian market. The Nokia 110 can be bought in colors like Charcoal, Cyan and Rose Gold. The special thing is that the price of this phone is less than 2 thousand. Nokia 110 users can buy Cyan and Charcoal color for just Rs 1699, while users can buy Rose Gold variant for just Rs 1,799.

If you also feel very much distracted all day due to smartphone and your focus has also been shaken badly. If you too have become addicted to smartphones and are suffering from lack of concentration for a long time, then this phone can be very effective for you. This phone is not only very cheap but it also has all the basic features, due to which you can use a normal phone and leave your smartphone or social media addiction behind.

Nokia 110 Specifications

camera 0.3 MP
battery 1020 mAh
display 1.8″ (4.57 cm)

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