This device fitted in the helmet will save the bikers from the heat of the heat, the temperature will be reduced by 15 degrees, know everything

New Delhi. In the month of May, the temperature of many cities of the country has reached 48 degree Celsius and people are troubled by the heat in many cities. But despite all this, many people have to travel by bike in the hot sun, which becomes very difficult due to wearing a helmet. Because, because of the helmet, bikers sweat a lot in the head in summer, due to which it becomes difficult to drive the bike at times. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about a device that is installed in the helmet, which reduces the temperature of the helmet by 15 ° C with cold air.

How does BluArmor device work? BluArmor is also known as Helmet AC. Because it reduces the temperature by up to 15 degree Celsius. The air is ported into the front of the BluArmor device helmet. Through which BluArmor does cooling throughout the helmet and bikers get relief from the heat. The BluArmor device is designed in such a way that the inside of the helmet remains dust free.

How was this device prepared? PK Sundararajan, who hails from Bangalore, Karnataka, has graduated from IIT Madras. After passing out, he had a desire to make something special for the society. After which such an idea came in his mind which could keep the bikers’ mind cool. So what was the delay, Sundararajan along with his team started making prototypes of this gadget in May 2017 and after making about 50 prototypes, they finally got success and the helmet was ready to be a cool gadget.

Can charge with USB charger – BluArmor can be charged using a USB charger. Along with this, once fully charged, it can last up to 10 hours. Along with this, the BluArmor device allows cooling in the helmet up to 360 degrees in dimensions.

BluArmor device price – The helmet cooling device has been launched in three variants namely, BLU3 E20, BLU3A10 and BLUSnap 2. This device can be ordered from the e-commerce site and the official website of BluArmor, which are priced at Rs 4999, 2299 and 1299 respectively.