Oppo F11 launched in India, know great  specifications

Oppo F11 launched in India, know great specifications

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Oppo F11 launched in India, know great specifications The choice of individuals is additionally changing with changing times and fashion. There has been a recognition in better technology and innovation, which is additionally the thinking of oppo. the primary time OPPO came with ColorOS, it had been intended to form the buyer a sensible and smooth custom interface with features. this is often getting to still give good experience to users. Oppo has recently launched ColorOS 11, which has been supported the Make Life Flow concept. By which the buyer will see better and innovative features than ever before.

Oppo F11 launched in India Features of colorOS 11

If you’ve got good features within the smartphone, users commit it to memory for several days. ColorOS 7, launched last year, has seen new features like customized icons, dark modes, 3-finger screenshots and quick return bubbles, which were also very fashionable among users. this point OPPO has come up with variety of unique features in ColorOS 11 to form users ‘ experience more smart and smooth, which surprises.

How OPPO is functioning better with Google, you’ll imagine the very fact that ColorOS 11 was also launched on an equivalent day android 11 was launched. Android 11 improves your control on the phone. Through this, you’ll easily manage the conversions, privacy settings and far more. That’s where ColorOS 11 makes your life complex and straightforward through different features.

Google-assisted 3-finger translate feature: Today, the person does tons of labor at an equivalent time and his smartphone helps tons . OPPO has come up with a 3-finger translate feature through ColorOS 11 to hurry up your work and flow. this is often a really unique feature. you’ll translate screenshots into your language with three fingers with Google Lens and Google Translate. you’ll also translate photos drawn from photo albums or cameras. you do not got to copy-paste, just use your three fingers.

The 3-finger translate feature will make translation very easy and fast that you simply can know a couple of seconds of any language. Using this feature of ColorOS 11, it seems that folks won’t forget it for several years to return . This feature is extremely helpful for countries like India where many languages are spoken. This unique feature with ColorOS 11 update are going to be available soon in many oppo devices.

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