Smartphone to be charged in 19 minutes without wire, Xiaomi launches Dhansu Technology

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Xiaomi Has launched its latest and advanced wireless fast charging technology. Due to the rating of 80 W, it is being called the world’s fastest wireless charging technology. The company claims that with the help of this technology, a smartphone with a 4000mAh battery can be charged in just 19 minutes. At the same time, this technology charges the battery of this capacity up to 50 percent in 8 minutes.

50W fast charging technology came first
Earlier, Xiaomi launched the fastest wireless charging technology that was 50 watts. The company is offering this technology in the Mi 10 Ultra smartphone launched in August this year. At the same time, in March 2020, the company unveiled its 40 W fast wireless charging.


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Introduced in Mi MIX 2S
In terms of wireless charging technology, Xiaomi has made considerable progress. The company was the first to introduce wireless charging technology into the Mi MIX 2S smartphone. This phone used to support 7.5 W fast charging. After this, the company introduced the Mi MIX3 which came with 10 Watt charging. At the same time, last year, the company launched the Mi 9 smartphone. Fast charging of 20 watt is available in this phone.

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100 watt fast charging technology phone will come next year
A few days ago, news came that Xiaomi is working on 100 Watt fast charging technology nowadays. This technology is expected to be launched next year. It is believed that the company can offer this technology in its upcoming flagship smartphone.

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