Shocking! Redmi 8A phone ordered in Amazon cell, laundry detergent

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new Delhi.
In Amazon cell, millions of people have bought a lot of products including smartphones, TV, clothes at a low price, but a Delhi man found it very expensive to buy a new phone in Amazon cell. Naman Vaish, a resident of Delhi, had bought Xiaomi’s popular smartphone Redmi 8A Dual at the Amazon Festival Sale, but he found a laundry rinse soap in the mobile box, after which he expressed his grief on social media and tagged Amazon Who did this incredible incident with them and why? Before this, many more customers have received fake products including fake iPhones and have received many such complaints.

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This is the limit!
According to the report of 91mobiles, Naman Vaish of Delhi ordered his favorite phone Redmi 8A Dual in the Amazon cell running from October 17. This item arrived at his home last Sunday, but as soon as he opened the box, his senses flew away. He had called for a call of 7 thousand rupees and handed them a soap of 14 rupees.

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Naman tweeted a picture of it and tagged Amazon on social media and said that he should not break the trust of the customer in this way. Amazon also gave an immediate explanation, saying that she would investigate the matter and Naman would be given her phone within 4-5 days. Clearly told Amazon that Sailor was responsible for this incident and regretted the incident.

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More big events have happened
Let me tell you that, whether it is an Amazon cell or a cell of other e-commerce companies, every time some examples are seen where customers get fake goods or other wasteful things instead of mobile or other products, which they complain about. . In the past, a customer named Bhavya Sharma told through a YouTube video that he ordered an iPhone 11 Pro of 80 thousand rupees on Flipkart and he was given a clone or fake phone which was based on Android.

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Remi 8a dual

This is Redmi’s popular phone at the entry level

Another buyer said via video post that he found a fake iPhone 11, which had a different branding. Both these buyers filed a request from Amazon and Flipkart to return the product, but the e-commerce companies refused, following which a police complaint has been filed.

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