Shock Google! Apple is preparing its own search engine

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In the last few years, there have been reports that the legendary technology company Apple is working on its own search engine. Now a recent Financial Times report has given this news a renewal. It is believed that Apple is taking this step in view of the allegations against Google. Actually, giant tech company Google is under investigation for misuse of search engine. In such a situation, if Google has to end its partnership, then Apple May get in trouble.

According to the report, Apple has hired people associated with search engine development. Some of them are former Google employees as well. In addition, Apple is also doing some new recruitment in this regard. Financial Times has also seen activities related to Applebot. It is a web crawler that collects massive amounts of internet data.

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Recently Apple has also made some changes in the way of searching for iPhone users. Now during web searching, the initial results come from Apple, not from Google. However, it is currently happening only in iOS 14.

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Will compete directly with Google
It is not yet clear how long Apple will launch its search engine. However, whenever it comes, its direct competition will remain with Google. Let us know that around 90 percent people worldwide use Google for online search. Many other companies tried to compete with Google search, although they could not find success.

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