Samsung challenges ‘More Than A Monster’ to Ashnoor Kaur, Siddharth Nigam and Shriya Saran with new Galaxy M13

New Delhi. With the launch of the Galaxy M13 series, Samsung has made it clear that this smartphone series is designed for multitaskers. The M13 series has been introduced in two variants which include 4G and 5G. This makes it a powerful phone. The company has called this phone more than a monster. Many best-in-class features have been given in the Galaxy M13, which has a strong processor, expandable RAM, strong battery and great camera. Along with this, a great display experience has also been made available in it. It can become a perfect choice for the multitasking generation.

Samsung recently launched the ‘More Than A Monster’ challenge in which some influencers like Ashnoor Kaur, Siddhartha Nigam and Shriya Sharan have been challenged.

What is the Challenge? Since the Galaxy M13 is a great option for multitasking, the challenge is whether these celebrities will be able to do ‘More Than A Monster’ multitasking with the Galaxy M13!

The influencers took up the challenge to showcase their multitasking skills and all the influencers were excited about the packaging of the Challenge Invite. It comes with a reusable box and plantable paper notes. All the influencers were very excited to see this kind of packaging and this kind of thinking has made Samsung one of the brands that express their views in the invites.

Ashnoor Kaur is the first celebrity to take up the Galaxy M13 ‘More Than A Monster’ challenge. He is an actor and he put to great use of his multitasking skills through this challenge. So for this challenge, Ashnoor Kaur danced while making Thai red curry. Watch his scintillating performance here:

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The next challenger was Siddhartha Nigam. He also took the ‘More Than A Monster’ challenge very seriously. He is one of the well-known personalities of the television industry and is also a game lover. Siddhartha Nigam played heavy games on Galaxy M13 under this challenge. Here’s how he completed the challenge.

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Where two challengers successfully completed this challenge. So after this Shriya Sharan also took up this challenge. Being an actor, Shriya Sharan used two aspects of her daily life – fitness and makeup as a challenge at the same time. Like the Galaxy M13, Shriya also did thorough multitasking and did yoga while wearing makeup. Watch Shriya Sharan’s yoga and makeup video here.

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After taking up the challenge with so many celebrities, do you think you can show your multitasking skills to the world? If so, take the Samsung Galaxy ‘More Than A Monster’ challenge on Instagram. Reel together doing two interesting activities and upload it using #MoreThanAMonster and #GalaxyM13 by tagging your favorite challenger and Samsung Galaxy’s Instagram handle. Check out Samsung India’s “How To Participate” reel to know all the steps.

When can I submit entries for the contest? The contest has gone live and will go live on August 31, 2022.

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What features make the Galaxy M13 ‘More Than A Monster’?

The Samsung Galaxy M13 is backed by a 6000mAh battery that comes with a 15W in-box charger. It has up to 12GB of RAM and is equipped with RAM Plus feature. The phone has 5G connectivity with multitasking, innovative auto dating switching feature, 11 band support.

With these powerful features, it is clear that Samsung Galaxy M13 4G and Galaxy M13 5G have all that makes it a pro level multitasker. And if you think you can multitasking with the Galaxy M13, you can take part in the ‘More Than A Monster’ challenge from August 4.

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The Galaxy M13 will be made available on and Samsung Store and some retail outlets. The price of Galaxy M13 4G is Rs 10,999. This price is for its 4GB + 64GB variant. At the same time, its 6GB + 128GB variant costs Rs 12,999. This also includes bank discounts. At the same time, the price of Galaxy M13 5G is Rs 13,999 and Rs 15,999 for their 4GB + 64GB and 6GB + 128GB variants. This includes bank discounts. This smartphone is available in Midnight Blue, Stardust Brown and Aqua Green colours.

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Disclaimer: The article has been produced on behalf of Samsung by the Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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