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Global audio brand 1MORE has recently launched some new products entering the Indian market through its sub-brand omthing (One More Thing). The company brought three new audio devices, one of which is the Airfree pods wireless earbuds. Its price is Rs 3,999. We have used this earphone for a few days and have brought you its review. So let’s know whether this omthing Airfree pods should be bought for less than 4 thousand?


The Airfree Pods come in four color options – Snow White, Galactic Black, Forest Green and Sunset Orange. It is kept in an oval-shaped charging case. The design of the charging case is attractive in appearance, which is of matte finish. This case also supports wireless charging. The special thing is that it also has a nylon strap, through which you can hang them anywhere. LED lights are provided inside the charging case to know the battery status. There is a Type-C port for charging, which is present at the back of the case.

Within the case, you get wireless earbuds like AirPods. It is quite lightweight and weighs only 4 grams. You can use them for long hours while working out or for music. The special thing is that the earbuds come with IPX4 rating, which means that they will not get spoiled even by sweat. Whatever color earphones you buy, you will also get the charging case in the same color.

performance and features

It can be connected with both Android and iOS devices. They also come with auto pairing function. That is, as soon as you take the earbuds out of the case, they automatically connect to the pre-paired device. Its Qualcomm chip and AAC provide fast transmission and stable connection through Bluetooth. It gets noise cancellation technology and 4 built-in ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation), which filters out the noise and gives better voice calling.

The special thing is that touch controls are also available in the earbuds. You can do everything from controlling music and volume, receiving phone calls, activating voice assistant, and turning off the earbuds. The company also offers a mobile app, through which you can do things like control touch gestures, check battery status and update software. The audio quality of the Airfree Pods is good, but it could have been improved. Similarly, the voice call quality will also be said to be average. We hope that both of these things will be improved through software updates.

Battery Life and Our Verdict

The battery of AirFree Pods lasts about 4 hours when listening to music continuously. They can be charged up to four times through the charging case. In this way it will go on for the whole day. It takes about one and a half hours to get fully charged. These earbuds are very comfortable to use, as well as their battery life is also great. Their direct competition is with the Realme Buds Air 2, which costs Rs 3,299. omthing airfree pods under 4 thousand is a good product but the sound quality needs some work.

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