PUBG Mobile India to be launched soon, company confirmed

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Many Chinese apps have been banned by the Indian government, expressing concern over the security and privacy of users’ data. The list of banned apps also included the popular game PUBG Mobile, which has been banned due to partnership with Chinese company Tencent. Now this game is going to return. The company is now going to bring the India specific version of Battle Royal Game to PUBG Mobile India.

Actually, PUBG Corporation is associated with South Korean company Krafton and has developed Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game on its behalf. Chinese Tencent had the responsibility of distributing the game. On behalf of PUBG Corporation, it has been said that its parent company Krafton is going to invest about Rs 750 crore to ‘improve local video games, e-sports, entertainment and IT industries’ in India.

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New Gameplay Experience
The company said in a statement, ‘PUBG Corporation will improve the storage system by conducting regular audits and verification and managing users’ data securely, keeping the privacy and security of Indian players first. Regarding the gaming experience, it has been said by PUBG Corporation that the game will see new characters and green hit effects ranging from virtual simulation training grounds. Apart from this, the company has also promised to give healthy gameplay to Habits Young players by giving in-game timers.

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Special Elements and Maps
Also, with the help of India-exclusive e-sports events, biggest gaming tournaments, big prize pools and best tournament productions, the company would like to make a comeback. More information related to the launch of PUBG Mobile India can be revealed soon. The game’s userbase in India was of millions of gamers and PUBG can also add some India-specific maps or game elements to get it back. The company has been continuously trying to rebound since it was banned and was looking for alternatives.

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