PAN card update: Even the worst photo of PAN card will be updated, know what is its process – how to update photo and signature in your pan card

New Delhi. A 10 digit unique alphanumeric code is found in the PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department. Through the PAN card, a complete record of the financial history of any Indian citizen is kept, it is also used as an identity card. From opening an account in the bank, it is also used for many other tasks. Whatever information is given in the PAN card should be correct. PAN card is used to verify the photo and sign of the users. To take credit card, loan or invest, the user’s photo and sign on the PAN card should be correct. If you feel that the photo and sign given in the PAN card is not correct or if there is a mistake in it, then you can get it corrected. Here we are telling you how to change or update photo and sign. By following the steps given below you can PAN The photo and sign given in the card can be updated.

How to Change Photo in PAN Card

  1. To change the photo in PAN card, you should first go to the official website of NDLS.
  2. When you go here, you will see two options ‘Apply Online’ and ‘Registered User’.
  3. You have to select whether you want to apply for a new PAN card or make changes in your PAN card by clicking on the application type.
  4. To make changes, click on the option of Changes and Correction in the Existed PAN Data.
  5. Then make an individual selection in the category.
  6. After that you have to fill all the details asked below.
  7. Then enter the captcha code and click on submit.
  8. Then the option of KYC has to be selected.
  9. After doing this, two options photo mismatch and signature mismatch will appear in front of you.
  10. If you want to change the photo then select the photo mismatch option.
  11. Then you have to enter all the details of your parents and then click on Next button.
  12. Then after entering all the information, users will have to submit several documents including identity proof.
  13. After that tick the declaration and click on the submit button.
  14. The application fee for changing photo and sign is Rs 101 for India and Rs 1011 for address outside India. When the whole process is done, after that a 15 digit acknowledgment number will be received. The printout of the application is to be sent to the Income Tax PAN Service Unit. You can track the application by acknowledgment number.


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