Now the smartphone will become a microscope in a pinch, it will also fit in the pocket

New Delhi. Smartphone technology has made astonishing progress in the last few years. Till 20 years ago, no one could have imagined that smartphones would become an important part of people’s lives at this stage. Now these smartphones have reached a different level. Actually, if you want, you can convert them into a microscope. For this, users will have to pair only one gadget with their smartphone.

With the help of this gadget, the power of the camera can be increased manifold. The name of this gadget is Pocket Microscope. Usually normal microscopes come around 10 thousand but pocket microscopes you can buy from e-commerce platforms at very low prices. This pocket microscope attaches to your smartphone and with this, users can convert their smartphone into a microscope.

Significantly, with the help of a microscope, you can see things that you cannot normally see with your eyes. Our eyes cannot see things smaller than 0.1 millimeters and a microscope is very useful for seeing objects smaller than these. Many scientists have also made some wonderful inventions with the help of microscope.

You will find many types of pocket microscopes on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. In this, users have given very good ratings to Carson Pocket Microscope. Through this device, users can turn their smartphone into a microscope if they want. This pocket microscope can be bought on Amazon platform for just Rs 2999.

A magnification of 100X to 250X can be achieved by setting the pocket microscope on the smartphone’s camera. It will also get UV LED light which can be used to see stains and small organisms. AA size battery is also provided in this pocket microscope and due to this it does not need to be charged. The most special thing about this pocket microscope is that it can be easily taken anywhere. This pocket microscope also comes with a smartphone adapter clip and comes with digital magnification.

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