Now ATM will see your face, know how this new technology will reduce fraud

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Intel RealSense ID: Technology company Intel has introduced a new facial recognition system named RealSense ID is. This technique will prove to be extremely beneficial for users. It will recognize the face of the user and will unlock any smart device immediately. Intel has used active depth sensors to make this technology. It has also claimed that the user will not be misidentified through this technique. This technique is completely safe and accurate.

For which the Face ID system can be used: The Face ID system launched by Intel will work with multiple devices. This includes smart locks, ATM, gate control etc. This simply means that if you want to unlock smart lock, ATM or gate control then you can resort to this technology. According to the company, its sales will start in the first quarter of the year. It is made available for sale in many other countries besides India.

How is it beneficial for users: Through this method, the person’s ID will reduce the risk of theft. Because the method of traditional authentication currently adopted, there is a risk of theft of user ID. The company says that through this technology it will also be able to adapt what is changing in the user’s face from time to time. Even if the person has a beard or mustache on his face, this technique will recognize the person’s face. The user will not need any other network for this technique. In this, the user’s face will be fully encrypted.

if ATM Speaking of Such techniques have been implemented in outside countries that no person will be able to enter ATMs without facial recognition. How long this technology will be brought in India is not currently known. In this case, if we talk about the new Facial Recognition System RealSense ID, then it will not give entry to those people who want to make entry through photographs, videos and masks in ATM or any other places where it can be used. In such a situation, the risk of stealing the user’s ID will be reduced. Apart from this, no hacker will be able to clone any user’s card.

Learn about Facial Recognition System: It is a biometric system that identifies a person by combination of face, eyes, mouth. A combination of a person’s eye and mouth is taken specifically, through which a 3D image of his / her face is created and then saved in the database. Explain that the Facial Recognition System was invented by American scientists Woody Bledsoe, Helen Chan Wolf and Charles Bison.

If you talk about its price, then the price of this device will be $ 99 i.e. around Rs 7,300. It belongs to its F455 peripheral. At the same time, its F450 module 10-pack will be priced at $ 750 i.e. around Rs 55,100. Bookings for this have started. It will be delivered in the first week of March.