No one knows when Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) will return, increasing problems of people associated with gaming

No one knows when Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) will return, increasing problems of people associated with gaming
  • BGMI game was banned in India in July 2022.
  • BGMI’s servers are live now and the game can be played on old seasons.
  • Gaming professionals associated with the BGMI game are quite upset with the ban.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been banned in India for more than six months. Still, does anyone have any solid information regarding the return of this game. However, in the meantime, many rumors came to the fore regarding the return. Battlegrounds Mobile India users have also been curious about leaked reports from influencers in the Indian gaming community regarding a possible return of the game. Head Rao aka ‘Hades Plays’ of the popular BGMI team Orangutan talked about the return of the game on his live stream. He replied to Rushindra Sinha’s tweet in which he claimed that BGMI games are unlikely to make a comeback in India.

no one knows the exact date

Hades said in his live stream, “I partially agree with Rushindra Sinha, as almost everyone knows that the game will definitely make a comeback. E-sports organizations are paying their players because everyone wants the game to make a comeback. However, nothing is certain. But, I agree with one of his (Rushindra’s) tweets, that is, nothing is certain, and one should move forward. Somewhere we know it will come back, but no one knows the exact date.”

Hades also pointed out that many people are speculating on when the BGMI ban will be lifted. So far every time his sources have been proved wrong. During the stream, he says that Godlike owner Chetan Chandgude aka “Kronten” also shared leaks about BGMI’s return and possible date a few days back, which turned out to be untrue. Also read: Most Popular BGMI Players: The most popular players of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), here is the list

Increasing difficulties of gaming professionals

The head of Orangutan eSports also had to say that the wait is increasing due to some problems between the developers and the government. The game leaks and wait is frustrating for Indian gaming professionals. This is affecting the livelihood of the people associated with gaming. Also read: BGMI Latest Update 2023: Crafton’s latest update increased the heartbeat of BGMI fans, know what is special

Many users in India are waiting for the return of BGMI. Crafton has extended the game’s current season to April, rolling out an update for BGMI in January. It is being speculated that at present the game may return to India in April. Stay connected with 91Mobiles for latest updates related to BGMI.

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