No engineer needed to fix AC! Follow these methods and get chilled air

New Delhi. We often need an engineer to repair the AC. Sometimes engineers are not present. Even if they are present, they ask for money according to their wish. But you do not have to worry about this because now we are going to tell you some tips of AC repairing. After adopting those tips, you are going to get a lot of cold air, so let’s know about some such tips-

It is also very important to clean the filters of AC. Because if the filters of AC are not cleaned on time, then its air flow decreases significantly. Due to less air flow, the cooling of AC is also reduced by about half. In such a situation, you should definitely get the AC filter cleaned from time to time. Also, it becomes very important for the AC to be clean outdoors as well. Sometimes the cooling is also reduced due to not being clean outdoors.

You can use water to clean the outdoors. But you have to be very careful while cleaning outdoor in Inverter AC. After cleaning with water, the laboriousness of AC outdoor also increases significantly. Also, this cooling also starts doubling. Sometimes an engineer is also called for this. But not every time an engineer is needed. Because engineer can charge good money for it.

Now let’s talk about the one that emerges as the most common problem in AC. The name of this problem is – gas leak. You should also seek the help of an engineer in case of a gas leak. Because it is not possible to repair it. Usually the main reason for gas leaks is the leaking of the indoor cooling condenser. It is also very important to take care of the gas pressure. The gas pressure is higher in Inverter AC as compared to Non Inverter AC.

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