More than 22 lakh WhatsApp accounts banned! If you have also done this work then the next number is yours.

New Delhi. Messaging app WhatsApp has banned more than 22 lakh Indian accounts. This report has been issued by the company. This data is from June 1 to June 30. If last month’s figures are considered, the company had banned 19 lakh accounts in the month of May, 16 lakh accounts in the month of April and about 18.05 lakh accounts in March.

Why were these accounts banned?
Under the IT Rules, 2021, the company has to release its monthly report. In this report, it will have to tell how many complaints have come to the company and how many of them have been actioned. A company spokesperson says, “This step has been taken to prevent misuse of end-to-end encrypted messaging services on WhatsApp. The company has continuously invested in artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technology, data scientists to keep users secure on its platform. In its monthly report, the company has said that 426 appeals were received with WhatsApp and out of these 64 accounts have been processed.

Bans can be done for the following reasons:

  • WhatsApp says that users should not message people who warn them not to message. If a person continues to do this even after warning, then the company will ban them.
  • If you bulk message, automated message or auto dial using WhatsApp, it can get you banned. Let us tell you that WhatsApp uses both machine learning technology and user reports to detect and ban accounts that send unwanted automated messages.
  • Without someone’s consent, sharing his number or using any data can also put you in trouble. At the same time, no one should be added to the group without his permission.
  • If you send obscene videos or messages to someone, not only will your account be banned but you can also be put behind bars.

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