Mobile Number Portability: VI wants to stop users: Vodafone Idea and Airtel are trying to stop the ongoing users! Mobile number portability in this way – vodafone idea vi and airtel trick to stop users mobile number portability process check details

Telecom company Airtel (airtelControversy has arisen regarding the recently introduced Tarrif Plans of Vodafone Idea (Vi). For the information of you people, let us tell you that both the companies also introduced some such tariff plans for the users which are expensive but at the same time number portability (Mobile Number Portability) are also obstructing the facility.

How can there be mobile number portability?
Whenever any interested customers want to do number portability, they have to generate a number portability request by sending an SMS from the mobile number, this is because the number cannot be ported without generating the request.

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Companies getting stuck like this
Some of the new tariff plans of Vodafone Idea (Vi) and Airtel do not have the facility of outgoing SMS. In the absence of outgoing SMS facility, customers taking ‘No Outgoing SMS’ plans of Vodafone-Idea and Airtel, who wish to port numbers, cannot send the required SMS.

Companies enjoying this move? see how
Due to not sending it-going SMS, users are left with only two options, first, buy such an expensive plan which has the facility of SMS i.e. the company gets extra money on recharge compared to the existing plan.

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take decision wisely
Or else he left the idea of ​​number portability and remained with the old company against his will. Talking about Vodafone Idea, the company’s Rs 179 plan has SMS facility, so if the customer wants to get the number ported, then they will have to recharge with at least Rs 179 plan. Telecom-Watchdog, an organization fighting for the rights of customers, has termed the treachery of these companies and injustice to the customers.

Plans with no outgoing SMS have lower prices and these plans are generally used by customers with low income group only. In a letter to TRAI, Telecom-Watchdog Secretary Vikram Mittal, complaining about Vi, wrote that Vodafone Idea has cleverly shifted the SMS service to the Rs 179 plan. In such a situation, a user using a low-cost tariff plan will have to spend an additional Rs 179 to get the number ported.

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Mittal further said that we are very surprised that no one has noticed this move of the company (Vodafone-Idea) nor has TRAI taken any action in the interest of the users. He further said that SMS service should also be available with low cost plans and we request from Tie that this wrong step taken by the companies should be stopped immediately.

So many crore people requested for Mobile Number Portability in September
TRAI data shows that in September 2021, more than 10 million telecom customers had requested for number portability, in such a situation, this step of telecom companies can have a direct impact on lakhs of customers.

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See what experts say
According to experts, Reliance Jio is constantly trying to attract 2G customers from the low-income group of Airtel and Vodafone-Idea to its 4G network. Both the companies are trying to stop the users through the back door by introducing new ‘No Outgoing SMS’ tariff plans. Experts say that if the customer wants to get the port done, then he should request for the port after the validity of his old plan expires.


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