Married women search such things on Google about their husbands! you will be surprised to hear

New Delhi. Google shares a report every year. In this, he tells what people search for the most. Also it is divided into several parts. In this, many things are divided including the most searched personality, topic. Now a new study has come out in which married women have been told. Today we are going to tell you only about the topic searched by married women-

What do married women search for-

New data from Google shows that married women search most things about their husbands. The most common question in this is how to keep husband happy? Apart from this, the topic searched by married women is how to keep husband happy? Although this news may be surprising for many people, but it is true that the most favorite topic of married women is also about the husband.

Also, it has been told in the report that married women want to know how to keep the husband in the fist. Along with this, women also ask Google how they should behave in their in-laws’ house. Also how can she improve her relationship with her husband? This is not the first time that the search list on Google has surprised everyone. Similar reports have surfaced in the past as well.

Women also question Google about the birth of a child?

Apart from this, married women also ask questions about having a child. Women want to know when they should have a child after getting married. Google is also asked the right way to take responsibility of the child and family. Now women also want to be self dependent. That’s why she also asks about the idea of ​​being self-reliant and starting her own business.

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