Mark Zuckerberg said, 100,000,000,000 messages are sent daily on WhatsApp

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More than 1000 crore messages are delivered in a day on Facebook’s messaging platform WhatsApp. This information was given by company CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself in the company’s quarterly earnings call. WhatsApp first touched this figure last year on New Year Evening on December 31, 2019 and is now making multiple records one after the other. According to Zuckerberg, more than 250 million people use WhatsApp and the rest of the Facebook family’s apps every day.

According to the data shared by Statista, there were 200 million active users of WhatsApp till October, while 130 million users were active on Facebook Messenger till this month. Earlier in January, WhatsApp was downloaded more than 500 million times on Android devices. In this way, WhatsApp has become the second non-Google application to create this record. During the earnings call, Facebook CEO has also given information about this.

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New option on whatsapp
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also talked about the new Instagram updates and stated that the company has integrated Messenger and Instagram messaging with new updates and so far this change has received positive feedback from users. Recently, many services have been given in different services by the social media company. After testing with beta users, the option of Mute Always on WhatsApp has also been given to all users recently.

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Feedback of users
Facebook family’s apps are quite popular among users and by constantly changing them, the company keeps giving users a better experience. Facebook has recently given a completely new design to its site and is also taking feedback from users about it. Apart from this, some new features have also been added on Instagram. After the response from the users, new options are added to the company’s apps according to their need.

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