Light Bulb, which narrates songs comes in just Rs 385, will reduce the electricity bill by half

New Delhi. Light Bulb With Bluetooth Speaker: Now everyone is worried about the electricity bill. If it is summer then the electricity bill will also be high. But there are some gadgets that also reduce power consumption and give you plenty of light and amazing sound. Don’t understand what we are talking about? We are talking about the bulb that connects to Bluetooth. This bulb not only gives light in the house but also sings songs. It also reduces power consumption. These can be easily purchased online.

Welltech 12-Watts LED Fully Remote Controlled Music Light Bulb: This is a music bulb. Its price is Rs 694. It can be bought for Rs 387 with 44% discount. It connects with your phone. Then the songs will start playing in the bulb. A remote control is also provided with it. It is 12 watts.

RFV1 3 in 1 12W B22 Led Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker Music Light Bulb:
This light bulb also comes with a Bluetooth speaker. Its price is Rs 385. 65 percent discount is being given on this. It comes with remote control. It is 12 watts. In this, you can choose between Colors, Lightning Mode, Lightning On/Off and Brightness Control. It comes with two in one design.

Gesto 12W B22 Base Led Multicolor RGB Music Bulb: It can be purchased for Rs 365 with 82 percent discount. This is the wireless bluetooth bulb that comes with the speaker. Remote control is provided with it. This is also 12 watts. It has 13 colors and 4 modes. It saves 85% electricity.

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