Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition has strong battery backup, but how is performance?

Xiaomi recently launched a product for the first time in the laptop segment. The special thing is that this time the company has not done any branding on the exterior of the laptop. We have used this laptop for about 10 days. Let’s know about its performance and design.

In the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition, the company has used an all-metal body with aluminum magnesium alloy, which is very beautiful to see. Weighing 1.35 kg, this notebook can be carried very comfortably. The company has given a 14-inch non-reflective screen in it, which is a really relaxed display. Light falling on the screen does not reflect on the eyes. However, the brightness of the display will seem average to you and you might not like it as the colors do not look as good as are often seen in other laptops that come at this price.

We have used this notebook for 10 days, in which there is no problem, but if you watch more videos, black areas do not look as good. Talk with the video, the volume of the sound is sharp but the sound quality is not that impressive. The price of this laptop is around 60 thousand rupees, which carries it in the premium segment but its key board should have a light in the back so that it can be used easily when the house lights go or in the dark, but any such The feature is not available in this notebook. The company has not provided an inbuilt webcam to make the border thinner, but has given a separate USB webcam, which gives a good video calling quality.

We got its 8 GB RAM variant for review, in which the En Video graphics card has been given. If you want to buy this laptop for watching light-hearted games and videos, then it can be a good option as it offers an eight-hour battery backup, which is a good thing. If you want to buy this laptop for games like GTA 5, then we do not recommend it because it is also hot during gaming.

If you want to buy a laptop with a thin, lightweight and strong battery backup, then Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition proves to be a good option for you. Overall it can be called Value for Money. It is a good choice for school, college and office work and can be called a good start of the company.

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