joker virus back: Joker virus Alert: Delete these apps immediately, they are pulling your valuable data from your smartphone! – joker virus returns on google play store delete these apps immediately


  • Joker virus returns
  • steals smartphone information
  • There may be loss of lakhs of rupees

New Delhi. The threat of Joker virus has once again started looming over Google. This virus is hidden in the Android application. Let us tell you that the Joker virus is a malware that keeps coming back to the Google Play Store. According to Tatyana Shishkova, malware analyst at Kaspersky, this virus has been found in 14 apps.

Shishkova has told that by tweeting, she has told about such Android apps which are infected with this dangerous virus. Those who do not know about this app, let them know that this app is very dangerous and it keeps coming back on Google Play Store. This virus works to steal your valuable data. This virus keeps changing its code, execution method or payload retrieval technology.

It is said that it steals user data including SMS, contact list, device information, OTP and so on. Joker malware was first discovered in 2017, in the year 2019, Google has published a blog post about its long battle with Joker malware. Although the threat of Joker malware has waned since 2019, it keeps popping up in the Android app every few months. Here are the new apps found with malware that Android users need to remove from their phones immediately. Today we are going to tell you in detail about these apps which you should immediately delete from your smartphone.

Volume Boosting Hearing Aid

As the name suggests, the app can make your smartphone work as a hearing aid.

Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects

It shows great animation effect while charging your battery.

Flashlight Flash Alert on Call

This is one of those flash light alert apps that show alerts during calls and SMS.

Easy PDF Scanner

This is a PDF scanner.

Smart TV Remote

Smart TV Remote is a Universal TV Remote app on Google Play.

Halloween Coloring

The app is a Halloween coloring game.

Super Hero Effect

This is a special effects app. Get fire, light, energy and laser effects.

Now QRCode Scan

This app claims to convert mobile phone into professional multi-function barcode scanner.

EmojiOne Keyboard

Another keyboard app, it has gesture input, cloud prediction and voice input.

Dazzling Keyboard

The app is for those looking for personalized keyboard.

Battery Charging Animation Wallpaper

It will tell you when your battery is fully charged, the purpose of which is so that you can unplug your phone/tablet.

Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer

This is volume booster equalizer app for android. It claims to improve the quality of your Android phone.

Classic Emoji Keyboard

The app claims to offer more than 3000 emoji.


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