Jail will be direct for demanding bribe, these 3 devices will curb corruption

New Delhi. The government is constantly taking new steps to check corruption. If you want to do the same then you need to carry some device with you. You can directly feed the jail air to corrupt officials by using these devices. Also, these devices can be easily bought online as well. It is very important for you to know about them before buying any device.

Deeray 12 MP 720p HD Action Camera (SDV-105, Black)

The MRP of the camera is Rs 3,000 and you can buy it after 20% discount for Rs 2,399. That is, this device of only Rs 2,400 can be of great use to you. You can easily fit it on the shirt. If you start recording as soon as you fit it on the shirt, it will record everything easily. Once the things are recorded, you will also have the evidence, after which you can complain and take action against the corrupt officials.


This is a very useful camera. Because it sticks to the button of your shirt and recording can also be done easily. With the help of camera, you can save the recording in mobile. Being saved in the mobile means that you can also give evidence from the recordings with you. Its price is just Rs 1,289. That is, you are being given this security camera for less than 1500 rupees.

TECHNOVIEW WiFi Camera Wireless

TECHNOVIEW WiFi Camera Wireless can be purchased from Amazon for just Rs 1500. While its MRP is Rs 6,999. That is, you are getting a discount of about 79%. Along with this, many bank offers are also running on it. It can be easily fitted near the bottom of the shirt. You will not have any problem with this. It comes under the 7 Days Replacement Policy.

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