Is this old Android version in your phone, it is necessary to upgrade immediately

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Android operating system is found in most of the world’s smartphones and the number of Android users is increasing rapidly. Many users are buying new devices and keeping them updated, while many users still Old smartphones Are using and have not updated them. If you are also using a device that has an outdated Android operating system, then you should upgrade the OS of the phone without delay. If you cannot do this, then it is good to buy a new phone.

Media reports have said that it is necessary to upgrade smartphones running Android software version 7.1 or older to the latest software version. This will be necessary to access the internet as before. Actually, due to the expiry of the partnership between the Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt and the Certificate Authority Iden Trust, it has become necessary to do so. 66.2 percent of the total Android devices worldwide are working on the same Android 7.1 or older.

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Less than a year
It has been revealed that 33.8 percent of such existing devices have already started seeing certificate errors. This is happening while accessing any website with Let’s Encrypt certificate. Let’s Encrypt is included in some of the largest certificate authorities and 30 percent of web domains have been given company certification. The current partnership with the Certificate Authority is going to expire on September 1, 2021, with less than a year left.

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Will have to buy new phone
Reports have revealed that no plans to renew partnerships have been shared by Let’s Encrypt and IdenTrust. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for the users to upgrade to the latest software version. If you understand in easy language, after the partnership expires, users using smartphones on the old Android version will not be able to access a lot of websites from the web browser of the phone. If your device is not getting the option to upgrade to the new OS, then you will have to buy a new phone.

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