IPhone 12 battery costs 20% faster on 5G network

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Apple Recently iphone 12 The series has been launched. The company had said that the iPhone 12 has a 5G wireless chip for fast download speed, high quality streaming. However, a new research regarding the iPhone 12 has said that due to 5G, the battery of the iPhone 12 runs out quickly.

Battery costs 20 percent faster

In its study, Tom’s Guide has said that the battery of iPhone 12 will drain quickly. It is being told that using 5G network connectivity in iFun 12, the battery costs 20 percent faster than the 4G network. Along with browsing the internet for testing, the new website was opened every 30 minutes until the battery was dead.

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More backup on 4G network
The result of the battery testing of the iPhone 12 found that this phone continued to work for 10 hours 23 minutes on the 4G network. At the same time, it was able to run only 8 hours 25 minutes on the 5G network. Other reports state that the 5G network is being used for data only. It is not possible to make phone calls or messages right now. For calling and messaging, iPhone 12 users will need only 4G network. In such a situation, the phone will have to work on two networks simultaneously, which will drain the battery faster.

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The company enumerated the benefits of 5G
Apple unveiled the new iPhone series on October 13. In the lont event it was said that it will give experience of much faster internet speed. The CEO of the company shared a video and counted the advantages of 5G with video streaming and more privacy.

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