International Yoga Day: Yogifi launches mat, works like a yoga trainer

International Yoga Day: Yogifi launches mat, works like a yoga trainer
New Delhi. Today is International Yoga Day. Today YogiFi company has launched YogiFi Gen Smart Yoga Mat. This is the second version of the company’s first mat. This is the advanced version. Posture correction will be done in this. YogiFi has said that this smart mat has a global footprint of userbase in 17 countries globally. Talking about the key features of this smart yoga mat, it has a posture tracking which provides step by step instructions and real-time development with reactions. It also offers different types of asanas or asanas and bodyweight workouts.

The Smart Yoga Mat is equipped with multi-workout tracking and rep counting features. The company claims that the Gen 2 Smart Yoga Mat also provides human touch for those wishing to have an interactive 1-on-1 session with certified coaches across the globe.

This new yoga mat is different in feature-

Keeping in mind the privacy of the users, a tremendous feature has been given in Yogifi Gen 2. It does not have any kind of camera for users to use and record the postures performed by them. The company claims that the user session data is only used to personalize the user experience and enhance AI response.

Murlidhar Somiseti, Founder, YogiFi said, “Yoga is a gift from India to the world. We are integrating ancient science and modern technology to make this special gift so that more and more people can be taught yoga every day. We YogiFi We are extremely happy to introduce the second generation of Smart Mat. We are proud to share that Yogifi Smart Mat is a Made-in-India product.

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