In Jio’s Dhansu plan, 1.5GB data daily with free calling and many big benefits

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Telecom operator company Reliance jio Has a popular prepaid recharge plan in its portfolio. It also offers great offers at a low price. It depends on the customer how much data they use daily and which plan is beneficial for them. If seen, customer (daily) 1.5GB data plan (data paln) Likes most. Because it has highspeed (high speed), Calling (calling) And validity (Validity) Attracts all three customers. Reliance Jio has validity plans ranging from 28 days to 336 days in 1.5GB data per day. Let me tell you, daily data you have to spend on the same day, it is not added to the next day plan. Speed ​​is 64Kbps when full data is used. Let us tell you about Jio’s Daily 1.5GB data prepaid plans.

Rs 153 Jio Phone Recharge Plan
This is a recharge for Jio Phone. Daily 1.5GB data is available in the prepaid plan of Rs 153. It has validity for 28 days. Unlimited voice calls are available. It also includes Daily 100 SMS.

Rs 199 Jio Recharge Plan
Daily 1.5GB data is available in the Rs 199 recharge plan. Its validity is 28 days. It has a total of 42GB of data. In addition, Jio has eliminated the minute limit for calling from the new year. Now you can talk unlimited on local, STD and national roaming. Also 100 SMS will be available daily. Along with this, there is a free subscription to Jio apps.

Rs 399 Jio Recharge Plan
The validity of the recharge plan of Rs 399 is 56 days. In this, you will get 1.5GB data daily. It has a total of 84GB of data. Unlimited voice calling will be available on Local, STD and National on any network. Apart from this, unlimited SMS will also be available. There is also a free subscription to Jio apps.

Rs 499 Jio Recharge Plan
It comes in Jio Data Booster plans. A recharge of 499 rupees gives 56 days validity. In this, you will get 1.5GB data daily. Along with this, one year free Disney + Hotstar subscription is also available.

Rs 555 Jio Recharge Plan
This prepaid plan offer has installing benefits. Its validity is 84 days. It will get 1.5GB data per day. 126GB data is available in the total validity period. Unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day are also available. Jio apps and music streaming, video streaming, cloud storage, news and other services are also available for free.

Rs 777 Jio Recharge Plan
This Jio recharge plan is for those who like to stream. This plan comes with a validity of 84 days. It gets 1.5GB data daily with 5GB of extra data. That is, you will get 131 GB of data in the validity period. One year free Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription is also available with unlimited voice calls.

Rs 2121 Jio Recharge Plan
The validity of this Jio Recharge Plan is for one year (336 days). In this, you get 1.5GB high-speed data. In the validated period you will get a total of 504 GB of data. Call benefits include unlimited voice calls on any network. SSM is free.