Immediately inform the Government of India as soon as you get a call from this number, otherwise the attack of hackers will be heavy.

New Delhi. Nowadays cybercrime has increased so much that people are keeping every step of the way. Whether it is SIM fraud or by installing a virus in the phone, hackers adopt various methods to rob people. Internet fraud is usually involved in cybercrime activity activity. This type of activity is done over the internet or email. This includes various activities including identity theft, phishing.

Apart from all this, many people also get international calls which can prove to be very dangerous. But what will you do if you get such a call? Do you know? If not, then today we are giving you the answer of your question here. Actually, every user will be receiving a message in which alert about such calls is being made. Also being told what you will have to do when you get such a call.

What to do to avoid:

The next time you receive an unknown call on your mobile phone with an international calling code, you must report it immediately. For this you can report to DoT (Department of Telecommunication). There are two numbers on which you can call. Among these is 1800110420 or 1963. These are toll free numbers. If you complain here it helps in detecting such illegal telephone exchanges.

If you ever get calls from numbers that don’t have an Indian code attached, then ignore that call completely. Because if you receive these calls then your identity can be stolen. Also, your personal data can also be stolen.

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