If you watch WhatsApp video, will the phone be hacked? Know what is the whole truth

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Social media platforms work on the one hand to connect users, on the other hand, the fake messages on them remain a big problem. These days a message is going viral on the messaging service WhatsApp, which states that if you watch a video on WhatsApp, your Android device or iPhone will be hacked in just 10 seconds. Users are being intimidated by sharing this message in WhatsApp groups.

The name of the video hacking phone has been described as ‘India is doing it’. According to Full Fact, this message reads, ‘They have started sharing a video on WhatsApp and showing how Covid19 is decreasing in India. The name of this file is’ India is doing it ‘and do not open it, it hacks your phone in only 10 seconds and it cannot be stopped in any way.’

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This message is rumored
At the end of the virus message, it has been said that this ‘alert’ should be sent to your friends and family and this video has also been told in TV news. Fact checking service Boom says that this message is completely fake and rumored. A similar message was going viral in early 2020 but it was being shared in Argentina instead of India. At the moment there is no evidence that hacking is being done with the help of any such video or has ever been done.

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Do not share fake messages
The purpose of such fake messages on WhatsApp is to get them forward as much as possible. In such a situation, without knowing the truth of any message, he should avoid being forwarded or shared. If you want to find out whether a message is true or false, then you can search Google its text, from here it will be known how much truth is there in the claim made in the message. Keep in mind, by sharing fake messages, you also keep others in the trap of lies, do not do this.

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