If these 3 messages come on the phone, delete them immediately, you will have to give them to take

New Delhi. Messages must be coming in your phone often, about eight to 10 messages keep coming to your smartphone every day. Many of these messages are related to banking, many are related to offers, but there are some messages which can prove to be very dangerous and can also put lakhs of rupees in your account. People do not even know and they get caught in the affair of these messages and then they also lose lakhs of rupees. Today we are going to tell you about 3 such messages, which if they come in your smartphone, then it is in your best interest to delete them immediately, otherwise you can become a victim of online short.

free cash

If you get a message on the phone that you have won cash or you have won the lottery and you are being asked to follow some procedure to collect cash, then it is better for you to delete such messages immediately because in most of the cases This fraud remains in me and if you complete this process then you too can fall in the circle of online fraud and can lose lakhs of rupees.

don’t go online link

Sometimes you get some such links in text messages, about which you do not understand and open them, but when you open it, then here you are asked for the information related to you, which you can fill. You can be a victim of fraud and you can lose lakhs of rupees, so just delete them.

caller messages

If you are told on a WhatsApp message that you have to call this particular number and follow any procedure, then you should not do this and should not accidentally save this message on your smartphone, delete it immediately. Otherwise, this call may cost you lakhs of rupees.

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